New makeup routine in quarantine times ✨ (4 tips)

We humans love to change and try new things. We dye our hair and buy new clothes, but sometimes the best changes do not have to take so much time and money. We thought of giving our best tips on different colors and techniques in your makeup routine you can easily change. Take the opportunity to let your creativity flow during these quarantine periods. 

1. Replace your black eyeliner with a brown one
This will make you look more alert and your eyes will not be too heavily marked.

2. Reduce with heavy products such as liquid foundations

Instead, take a CC cream to even out the skin and brighten it up with a lovely and colorful lip product. 

3. Ignore tearing apart the eyebrows and let them grow 
Then the eyebrows become wonderfully bushy and this means that your face does not look as hard and gives you a more natural look.

Dare to test the trend with strong colors
The best thing about this trend is that you do not have to be an expert in applying eye shadows as you only have to apply a colorful eye shadow on the globe. Try different colors every day and see which color highlights your eyes the most. 

Hope you liked these tips on how you can be creative and change your makeup routine during these times!


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