Mini 24H Dream Cream 7ml

    Mini 24H Dream Cream 7ml

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    A 24H Dream Cream minitub of 7 ml to test at home!

    A deep-hydrating, oil-free 24H cream that keeps your skin moisturized, revitalized and protected 24/7.

    The velvety smooth formula contains high-molecular hyaluronic acid. Use it night and day to drench your skin in hydration and keep your skin’s moisture levels up. The result is dreamy radiant skin with increased elasticity and firmness.

    Hickap’s Dream Cream is rich in antioxidant Q-10 and Abyssine® – a naturally derived deep sea molecule that thrives under the extreme conditions 3 000 meters down in the oceans.
    This tiny survival molecule helps calm sensitive skin and possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects against environmental stressors and blue light from smartphones and computers. Finally, this multifunctional molecule helps balancing unstable pH values.

    To top-up, we put some oligosaccharides from natural sugars in the mix – just to stimulate the skin's own ecoflora, aiding the skin's first line of defense against external attacks.

    - Rich in hydrating hyaluronic acid.
    - Promotes elasticity and firmness.
    - Calming, protecting, balancing, and antioxidant
    - Activates your skin’s repairing and restructuring processes.

    Use day and night. Cleanse your skin as usual. Gently apply to face and neck. Use alone or after applying serum. Tip! Dream Cream has this amazing ability to truly restore your skin overnight Apply a generous layer before going to bed and wake up restored and repaired!

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