Luxury Buffer 301
The brush is incredibly smooth and easy to use, which means that there are no streaks or other irregularities on the face. 

Lil Buff 302
This soft and tapered brush is perfect for packing powder on small areas, putting a highlighter on the cheekbones or mixing out your concealer. 

Tapered Powder 303
The large and tapered head gives you control over the choice of product, for a perfect finish.

Tapered Blush 304
The brush is slightly flat to give you good control over the amount of blush, bronzer, highlighter or contour powder in one swipe.

Angled Brow 305
The brush gives you full control over your eyebrows. 

Luxury Classic 306
The brush's large head and thick hair absorb a lot of pigment and leave the eye shadow completely spotless.

Round Crease 307
The brush is in a perfect size and thickness for your inner crease or your outer V. 

Detail Shader 308
The brush is dense and therefore absorbs a lot of product so that you can easily apply the strong color to precise areas.

Round Blender 309 
The brush has a fluffy and tapered head so that you can easily mix out your shadows. 

Angled Eyeliner 310
The brush has a shape that helps for maximum control and easy application. 

Flat Brush 201 
The brush helps you to sculpt selected parts of the face with the help of packed hairs and the shape that creates dimensions along the cheekbones, forehead and jaw line. 

Medium Stipple Brush 202
Can be used for all types of formulas. Apply your cc cream, powder on the face or mix out your contour. 

Pointed Highlighter 203 
The brush has a tapered tip with enough fluff to sweep over the highlighter in a controlled manner, but also to be able to mix hard lines and give an excellent result of glow.