Powder Deluxe 111 
The brush is large and takes up large areas of the face, but is also pointedly designed so you can reach smaller areas. 

Angled Kabuki 112 
The brush has compact bristles which makes it perfect for cream and liquid products. 

Eye Blending Brush 113 
The brush has a large and soft brush head for easy blending of your eyeshadow evenly on the lid. The size of the brush also makes it possible to blend contour shadow in smaller areas.

Tapered Blush 114 
An airy and simple brush used to apply both bronzer and rouge. Good for all powder products.

Round Kabuki 115 
The brush has long and reasonably dense hairs, so you can place your foundation without a streak on your face. Can also be used for powder and mineral foundation. 

Intense Shade 116 
The brush is extra compact which makes it great for adding eyeshadow and avoiding flammable areas of the eyelid. 

Angled Eyebrow 117 
The brush has double thickness to give you full control over your eyebrows. Soak the brush down a bit for increased control.

Detailed Crease 118 
The brush is suitable for intense shading and high color effect in the glossy line or outer eye corner. With this brush you create a deep eye.

Multi Highlight 119 
A brush with several functions, works out both powder and liquid product nicely on the face. Highlight for example your cheekbones or cover dark rings under the eyes. 

Short Shading 120 
The brush is perfect for laying the foundation of your eye shadow.

Flat Brush 201 
The brush helps you sculpt selected areas of the face with the help of packed hairs and the shape that creates dimensions along the cheekbones, forehead and jaw line. 

Medium Stipple Brush 202
Can be used for all types of formulas. Apply your cc cream, powder on the face or blend out your contour. 

Pointed Highlighter 203 
The brush has a tapered tip with enough fluff to sweep over highlighter controlled, but also to blend hard lines and give an excellent result of glow.