Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream
    Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream
    Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream
    Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream
    Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream

    Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream

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    An intensely moisturizing 24-hour cream that nourishes and protects around the clock. The cream improves your skin's elasticity and improves the skin's own reparation ability. Volume: 50 ml

    • 100% vegan content
    • Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
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    A deep-hydrating, oil-free 24H cream that keeps your skin moisturized, revitalized and protected 24/7.

    The velvety smooth formula contains high-molecular hyaluronic acid. Use it night and day to drench your skin in hydration and keep your skin’s moisture levels up. The result is dreamy radiant skin with increased elasticity and firmness.

    Hickap’s Dream Cream is rich in antioxidant Q-10 and Abyssine® – a naturally derived deep sea molecule that thrives under the extreme conditions 3 000 meters down in the oceans.
    This tiny survival molecule helps calm sensitive skin and possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects against environmental stressors and blue light from smartphones and computers. Finally, this multifunctional molecule helps balancing unstable pH values.

    To top-up, we put some oligosaccharides from natural sugars in the mix – just to stimulate the skin's own ecoflora, aiding the skin's first line of defense against external attacks.

    - Rich in hydrating hyaluronic acid.
    - Promotes elasticity and firmness.
    - Calming, protecting, balancing, and antioxidant
    - Activates your skin’s repairing and restructuring processes.

    Use day and night. Cleanse your skin as usual. Gently apply to face and neck. Use alone or after applying serum. Tip! Dream Cream has this amazing ability to truly restore your skin overnight Apply a generous layer before going to bed and wake up restored and repaired!


    Volume: 50ml

    Aqua, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Cetyl Alcohol, Squalane, Palmitic Acid , Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, C12-16 Alcohols, Biosaccharide Gum-4, Ubiquinone, Tocopherol, Glycine Soybean Oil, Beta-Sitosterol, Squalene, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Butylene Glycoleth, Phlylyl, Phylyl , Sodium Hydroxide

    provides nutrients around the clock

    A cream that helps your skin both day and night

    For the day's
    24 hours

    The easily absorbed cream penetrates quickly into the skin, which makes it optimal as a day cream and makeup base. During the night, Hickap's high molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps to restore the skin's moisture balance and improve the skin's elasticity. To counteract free radicals, we have enriched the cream with antioxidant Q10.

    With ingredients
    From the ocean
    Another important ingredient is Abyssine - a deep-sea molecule that thrives in extreme conditions 3,000 meters below sea level. This small "survival molecule" helps to soothe and care for sensitive skin while protecting against environmental impact and pollution, as well as blue light from smartphones and computers. Last but not least, this multifunctional molecule helps to balance unstable pH values.

    We have also added probiotic saccharides to stimulate the skin's flora of good bacteria and protect against external attacks.


    This supercharged cream not only keeps me hydrated during the day but also saves my skin at night.

    Wilma Holmqvist

    Absolutely LOVE this! I have never had such fine skin as now, moisturized, smooth and my spots / pimples have disappeared. My all time favorite by far. If you have not tested it yet, do it!



    Apply morning and evening to clean skin on the face and neck. Advantageously used after serum.

    This supercharged cream does not just keep me moisturized during the day but also saves my skin during the night! I love that Dream Cream is perfectly balanced to suit both the daytime and nighttime!

    Dream Cream has the amazing ability to really restore my skin overnight which is something very valuable to me when my skin is regularly exposed to the use of makeup, skin treatments and stress factors such as blue light from phones and screens. Apply a generous layer before going to bed and wake up restored with calm and repaired skin!

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    All products are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and suit all skin types unless stated otherwise.

    Yes, all products are 100% vegan.

    Yes, all products are free of silicone, sulphate and paraben.

    Hickap's skincare products are based on moisturizing, protective and balancing ingredients, which makes the skin feel good even during pregnancy when dryness and extra sensitivity are common. Even the products that contain mild exfoliating acids are so gentle that they can be used if you are pregnant. In addition, most products are fragrance-free. If you are pregnant and want to completely avoid perfume, ex. Hydra-Hyaluronic 24H Dream Cream and Honey Glow Priming Moisturizer are mildly perfumed.

    Hickap's products are developed for anyone who wants a stress-free beauty routine that is associated with joy and motivation. Taking care of your skin and yourself should be pleasurable and provide energy.


    All products are perfume-free or very mildly perfumed.

    Here you can see which products contain perfume.

    The perfumed products have a very mild scent that completes your skincare routine in a wonderful way!

    100% vegan and contains the most important ingredients to make the skin feel good.
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